Chameleon entering its Fabulous Fourteenth Season !

What they say about Chameleon’s concerts...
As illustrated by the press, a performance at the Chameleon Series is always a very special experience.

Concert on May 6 2013: by Greg Stepanich:
“Chameleon founder Iris van Eck was joined by violinist Dmitri Pogorelov and pianist Misha Dacic for the Andrée trio, which was featured on a program with music by Schubert and Tchaikovsky .
The performance Sunday was important because it resurrected this piece and brought it to a new audience, and of the three movements, perhaps the second was the best-played (it had an unexpected fourth instrument accompanying it in the final bars, when a passing train horn momentarily happened to be roughly in B-flat just as the movement was closing; it sounded like a trio of bassoons underpinning the last measures).
Tchaikovsky: “Among the highlights were van Eck’s initial statement of the theme, which immediately seized the attention, followed just as ably by Pogorelov, playing in the all-out style we associate with the Russian tradition. Dacic was especially impressive throughout the trio.....a gripping reading of a substantial work, and an involving way to end another season of thoughtfully programmed chamber music concerts featuring some of South Florida’s best musicians.

Next season again, you will find the repertoire to be varied, enticing and enlightening; you will be enthralled with the artists and be delighted with unknown pieces; standards as well as premieres such as the cello sonata by the neglected romantic Croatian female composer Dora Pejacevic

Previous years................

Lawrence Budmen: “Chamber music on a
Sunday afternoon can be an irresistible artistic
soufflé. Set in the intimate salon atmosphere
of the ballroom at the Leiser Opera Center in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, the Chameleon Musicians' Series offers the opportunity to experience
chamber music in its purest form.
First rate artists gather to enjoy each other's
company and play significant works from the
highways and byways of the repertoire.”

Greg Stepanich: “Cellist Iris van Eck launched her chamber music series, which has mostly
involved pieces for strings, back in 2002, and it
has retained a loose, convivial feel that serves the audience well and showcases dedicated musicians doing what they love to do best. These are
professionals who play more like enthusiasts than veteran players numbed by routine.”

About Klotz/van Eck/Dacic trio: (Lawrence Budmen) “surefire bravura, polished ensemble, precision, exciting, a sense of wonder in every bar, superbly burnished tone, gorgeous
violin-cello interaction, subtle interplay, spontaneity, with
uninhibited white heat, simply brilliant, fireworks,
a performance to remember!

About CELLO/PIANO 3: (Lawrence Budmen) “matching sonic power and vivid musical personalities, daredevil verve and precision, a wealth of instrumental coloration. Gekic’s whirlwind of pianistic exuberance, channeling subtlety as well as thunder and van Eck's warmly expressive delineation… making child's play of the tricky rhythms.”

Our “SEXTET” concert made

Greg Stepanich’s “TOP 10 for 2007”
“This was one of those performances in which each of the musicians appeared to be totally involved in the music, and was giving it his and her absolute best. A knockout.”...when the playing is at as high a level as it was for the Chameleon concert, it comes close to being the only kind of music-making that truly satisfies.”

“A riveting, high voltage, impassioned reading of Brahms’ String Sextet No.1. With a winning performance of a late Mozart string trio for good measure, the Amernet players again displayed world class stature. Van Eck’s fascinating programming juxtapositions fill an important niche in South Florida’s musical menu. 

Rosalind and Howard Trommer… We were so glad to get the Chameleon schedule yesterday. We had been watching the mail for it….
Enid and Jerome Schein... Many thanks for providing an Oasis of Music….
Mr and Mrs William Hayes… A truly memorable experience….
Robert B Wolfson… You and your execellent musicians produce a very moving chamber music experience…. I am looking forward to the 2007/2008 season….
Larry A Russell (CEO, Eroica Classical Recordings)…. Your command of the cello, which is one of my favorite instruments, is revelatory in its excellence of tone, intonation and phrasing. Brava...
David Eccleston… We feel quite fortunate to have you...It is always amazing that a duo, trio, quartet or quintet can bring as much enjoyment as a full symphony orchestra…
Monique and Maurice Baird Smith… We were really inspired by your concert yesterday…
Lawrence Budmen... The intimacy of the Leiser Center’s ballroom is perfect for chamber music. Here musicians communicate the sheer pleasure of music making with a directness and intimacy that is lacking in more formal concert halls...
The Chameleon series is a real gem...
About Cello & Piano, November 27 ‘05
Eleanor Clarke: You two make beautiful music together!  We thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon.  Of course, I am partial to Beethoven.  He can do no wrong.  However, the whole concert provided a diversity of moods.  I never realized how playful Shostakovich's music is, the afternoon not only was entertaining but also edifying.  And, Iris, I don't think anyone I know enjoys her work as much as you do.  many thanks, my dear friend, for all the joy you provide in our lives. 
Michael A. Taddonio: I enjoyed the November 27 concert very much.  If there is an attendance like there was on the aforementioned date,  then Chameleon will be doing very well.
Lawrence Wong: I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed hearing you and Kemal Gekic this afternoon at the Leiser Opera Center.  I particularly loved the Faure Sonata, Op. 109.  Kemal said that he is a huge fan of the Rachmaninoff Cello Sonata, but has never really studied it.  I hope to hear you two perform it one day, since I regard it as one of the greatest sonatas ever written, loaded with several absolutely gorgeous melodies for the cellist.
About Last...but not Least May 21 ‘06
Lawrence Budmen: The intimacy of the Leiser Center’s ballroom is perfect for chamber music. Here musicians communicate the sheer pleasure of music making with a directness and intimacy that is lacking in more formal concert halls. The Chameleon series is a real gem.
The gorgeous violin-cello interaction between Van Eck and Klotz propelled the Elegia to glowing heights
Dacic’s rippling pianistic runs set the Scherzo, Allegro Molto on fire. Klotz’s violin glistened in the glorious opening theme of the initial Allegro moderato
Pianist Misha Dacic offered deep understanding of the work’s Slavic passion. The entire movement was played by this formidable threesome with uninhibited white heat. The Finale, Allegro non troppo was simply brilliant. Here was a performance to remember!
Van Eck played this interesting work with communicative intensity and deeply felt commitment. Her lovely tone caressed the piece’s songful outbursts.

Lawrence Budmen: MOST SURPRISING CHAMBER MUSIC PERFORMANCE - Chameleon Musicians played with tremendous enthusiasm and glowing tone in a program of varied works by female composers (in celebration of Women's History Month). Here was unjustly neglected music performed with élan.
Therese & Gerard Pepin: Thank you for the wonderful concert of last Sunday. We had the pleasure to hear three excellent musicians together with such good “chemistry” that we could have stayed there and listen for many more hours…
We look forward for the next season to enjoy again good music played by excellent artists like you are.”
Lawrence Budmen: IMPORTANT NEW VENUES - Honorable Mention: The Ballroom at the Josephine Leiser Opera Center in Fort Lauderdale proved to be a wonderful salon for chamber music with resonant acoustics and real immediacy between players and audience.
Annette Chernicoff: “We enjoyed your recital SO much. What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. The room was PERFECT for a chamber ensemble!”
Michael Taddonio: “To The Group: Enjoyed the May 25 concert. It was enjoyable. I'm looking forward to the 2003-04 season. It is wonderful to have live classical music around.”
Carolyn Porrino: (about the 2nd Annual Women’s Composers concert)”We attended the concert this afternoon Bravo! Bravo! To everyone. You were meant to play together.”
Larry Johnson ( Music critic of the Sun-sentinel): “Chameleon displays vivid musical Colors”.. “The 60+ attendees shows there is potential for a chamber music series in Broward County”